The Pragmatic Constitutionalist’s Podcast

Episode 032 TPC - Steve is interviewed by James Newcomb

June 1, 2021
This podcast is a little different, as Steve (TPC) is being interviewed by a former colleague in the music game, James Newcomb. James played in one of Steve's bands for several months, back a few years ago. He’s now living in Vietnam, (from where he conducted this interview, 11 times zones away), and while still playing trumpet, he also runs a podcast production and consulting business.
James dabbles in a lot of areas in his own blogging and podcast efforts, including all things related to trumpet and music entrepreneurism, but he also veers off into the forbidden territories of politics and religion, on occasion. In this podcast, he spends a lot of time on the effect of COVID lockdowns on Steve's own music business, and also drags out a few other personal things about Steve that he may have never shared with the TPC audience. And, they do also talk a little about “trumpet” stuff.

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