The Pragmatic Constitutionalist’s Podcast

Episode 002 TPC - Founding Fathers

November 13, 2020

This latest podcast from The Pragmatic Constitutionalist includes the following: 1) Quick updates on the latest news; 2) A reading of a compilation of letters written by our Founding Fathers. Listen and enjoy!

*This week's reading is pulled straight from a recent guest blogger known as "A Chatterer". A note from “A Chatterer” (None of these are my words):

 As we watch America fall to pieces, I often can’t help but wish that her Founders could be here to guide us. They were prolific writers of anonymous letters and pamphlets, and since we no longer have their wisdom directly, I’ve attempted to repurpose their original words for 2020. If the Founding Fathers were here today, I think they’d be writing letters like these – a claim I feel reasonably confident in making, as they are all copied and pasted directly from their quotes.*

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